undo msdfs defaults ?

Bjoern JACKE samba at j3e.de
Mon Jul 3 09:55:56 GMT 2006


I'd like to propose to undo msdfs defaults to be off by default. ATM 
it's set to "on" globally.

Volker already found one bug which he fixed but we don't know if there 
are more hidden bugs.

Another side effect is that there is now a new DFS tab in the 
properties menu of each share and each folder. This might also confuse 
people as this is something they usualy don't see there.

On the other hand I don't see the big benefit of enabling dfs. The 
only argument I can remember for enabling it was that people can 
easily move a share to a different server when they run out of disk 
space. Or people who know how to do this can enable it manually. But 
this is something people should take care of and for which Samba 
should not switch to new and experimental defaults.

Just my 2¢ ...
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