Winbindd change password request

Alexey Kobozev cobedump at
Mon Jul 3 08:42:49 GMT 2006

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-07-02 at 19:45 +0200, Volker Lendecke wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 02:56:46PM +0200, Alexey Kobozev wrote:
>>> I didn't refer to wks account password. Your question was if
>>> password change depends on wks account password. Yes I think
>>> it does, but what how does it affect the patch. The proposed
>>> patch acts exactly as plaint text password change that is
>>> already implemented in winbindd.
>> In the patch you sent Thu, 29 Jun 2006 17:14:06 +0200 in
>> line 244 I find:
>> +               /* if we get access denied, a possible cause was that we had and open
>> +                  connection to the DC, but someone changed our machine account password
>> +                  out from underneath us using 'net rpc changetrustpw' */
>> It is this comment and the resulting logic I don't
>> understand. Could you explain what scenario this is
>> necessary for?
> I don't think Alexey knows the answer to this.  It is just a copy &
> paste bug.  I can't understand why this new method was a copy an paste
> of the logon, rather than the winbindd_pam_chauthtok() code however...

Right, that is copy&paste code, but it was taken from dual method
in order to use sendto_domain() mechanism.
winbindd_pam_chauthtok() is not presented through the dual method.

Could you please give a clue which way this should be done?


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