Fedora Core 5 Problem

Dave Fenwick djf at samba.org
Mon Jul 3 06:02:37 GMT 2006

Be more specific here.  What are you downloading?  If you've installed  
FC5 and told it to install Samba along with the FC5 install, then it's  
already installed.  You only need to configure it.  If you didn't  
install Samba with your FC5 installation, log in as root on the box  
and type:

yum install samba

Then go out to Google and search for documents on how to configure it  
in Fedora Core 5.  There should be plenty of information out there to  
get you through the process.


Quoting Vernon Browning <browningv at bellsouth.net>:

> I have posted this question to several members but received no reply.
> I have just recently installed Fedora Core 5 onto a machine to be used as a
> server. However every time that I attempt to download it backfires.
> Only the doc. File seems to load properly. I have tried it from different
> mirrors and have them copied onto cd-roms. How do I load Samba onto my
> Fedora Core 5 machine so that it can be used to provide an NFS for my
> customers?

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