psexec for samba4 and svcctl.idl

Matthew Mastracci matthew at
Sun Jul 2 17:59:56 GMT 2006

AH wrote:

> I am not a regular samba developer, but I wanted to have psexec 
> equivalent, so I wrote it, it works but still need some development.
> I do not know if patches of such sizes (about 30k) are welcome on this 
> list so I've put it on web page, with some description:
> Comments welcome.

Very cool...  Have you considered trying to use 
AllocConsole/WriteConsoleInput/ReadConsoleInput instead of using 
named-pipes?  It might allow you to better control Ctrl+C handling and 
character/key translation, although it might add some extra complexity 
you might not want to deal with.

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