Automatically configuring a windows vmware guest for remote telnet administration

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Sat Jul 1 23:06:13 GMT 2006

Hello everybody,

In revision #16753 I committed vm_setup.tar.gz. In it are some windows 
(windows scripting host and vbscript) and unix scripts (bash and perl) 
that configure a windows 2003 vmware server guest. The idea is to 
automatically configure the windows vmware guest so that it can be 
remotely managed over telnet with a known administrative account used 
only for this purpose. This setup will allow us to include windows 
platforms within the samba test framework, and build farm. This is the 
next step in my SOC project.

I'm pasting the README file included with the archive mentioned above if 
you're interested. If you'd like to check it out, please do, and let me 
know what you think. You can get it through the svn branch i'm using:
or this URL:*checkout*/branches/SOC/bnh/vm_setup.tar.gz?rev=16753



To use these scripts, vmware server needs to be running with a windows vm
installed, ip addressed, and vmware tools needs to be installed and running
on the vm. The windows OS I used to test with was Windows Server 2003,
but I think this should work with any version of windows that has the
microsoft telnet service installed. The vmware server version I used for
testing was 1.0.0 build-27828.

On the machine that these scripts are running on (this need not be the same
machine as the vmware host), the vmware perl scripting api needs to be
installed, as well as the vix-perl api. These come with the VMware console
package. The version I used was

After unzipping this file, the libraries can be installed by extracting the
VMware-vix-e.x.p-27828.tar.gz and VMware-VmPerlAPI-e.x.p-27828.tar.gz
archives and running the scripts inside their respective


To use these scripts, modify initial_setup.conf to match your environment.
HOST_USERNAME, and HOST_PASSWORD options are optional, and are commented out
in this release.

Running will:
*  Get the ip address of the windows guest vm.
*  Take a snapshot of the pristine windows guest.
*  Copy the windows scripts from the windows-scripts directory on the 
unix host
        to the directory on the windows guest specified by the
        GUEST_SCRIPT_PATH option.
*  Execute win_setup.wsf on the windows guest in order to create the
        administrator account specified by GUEST_USERNAME and 
        enable and start the telnet service, and set the GUEST_HOSTNAME and
        GUEST_WORKGROUP if configured.

These operations leave the windows guest in a state such that it can
be remotely administered with telnet. Specifically, this will allow us to
create a 'make wintest' in the samba build system so that we can perform
smbtorture tests against a windows host, and perform tests from a windows
host against a samba server.

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