Check OS/2 port into Samba SVN?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jan 31 17:16:51 GMT 2006

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Michael Lueck wrote:

> There is a port of the Samba server to OS/2, and has 
> been talk here and there of updating it to the current version.
> I scratch my head a bit why the folks that have made that
> effort do so in more of a "fork" kind of an effort rather
> than turning in a patch to the Samba project to allow
> that OS to be supported by the main source tree just like 
> all of the other OS's you support.
> Thus, I am looking to mediate such a suggestion myself 
> before I suggest it to them. Samba developers... what are
> your thoughts on adding the OS/2 OS to the main source tree?

Mike,  Have you got a URL?  I don't remember seeing this

My major concern regarding accepting this kind of thing are
the developers doing this work haven't really interacted with
us which means we have no one on this list that is apparently
interested in helping to maintain the code.  Therefore it is
destined to bitrot in our tree unless someone is active within
this development community.

cheers, jerry
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