Check OS/2 port into Samba SVN?

Michael Lueck mlueck at
Tue Jan 31 17:36:41 GMT 2006

Jeremy Allison wrote:

> What does the patch look like and how clean is it?

No idea, I have not looked in their CVS.

I see Jerry responded as well, but that message has not shown up in gmane for me to respond to yet, so I will respond to him here as well...

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

 > Have you got a URL?  I don't remember seeing this
 > before.

They are back at a 3.0.9 server port, which there are things we depend on in newer versions than that, so I have not even bothered to pull down the binaries. They do some interesting things to get a 
client working on OS/2.... (Michael shaking his head that the OS/2 community does just not get the OSS/FS thing...)

The next version of eCS (2.0) is talked about to have Samba integrated, and during installation one can take IBM's old code, or the Samba code. That sounds "main stream enough" in my opinion that the 
two sides best communicate a bit more than they have been, thus my taking the time to mediate this / make introductions a bit.

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