accessing shares on a normal standalone server from domclient if no logon server is available

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jan 31 16:31:10 GMT 2006

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Marco Haferkamp wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> Thanks for your update...
> Well it worked all the time also with previous Samba Versions...
> 3.0.21a is the first Version i run into this problem...
> You are right i can recreate the same if i try to access a 
> XP Share (i tried this today), but on a XP Share i can not
> really set up a guest or public share like i do this on my
> samba box. Maybe it is possible to configure the
> settings for a standalone server hosting only public shares 
> if you find the difference in future Versions of samba.
> Please keep me informed about updates to this .....

ok. This is interesting.  In 3.0.20b, a standalone Samba box
included the SPNEGO/NTLMSSP security blob in the negprot
response.  In 3.0.21, we do not (which matches what a
standalone WinXP server does).

As a result, the Win2k client (joined to an AD domain but
using cached credentials in disconnected mode) will continue
with the SMBsesssetup&X request against 3.0.20b but will
refuse against 3.0.21 (and XP).

Jeremy, Andrew B., Any feelings on this?

cheers, jerry
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