Winbindd repeatedly retries failed connection entry (PATCH attached)

Qiao Yang qyang at
Mon Jan 30 19:52:04 GMT 2006


I bumped into this bug the other day. Winbindd kept retrying to connect to a
DC which is known to have failed in the last 30 seconds (should still be

The problem is that in conncache.c: add_failed_connection_entry(), if there
is already such an entry in cache it does nothing and returns. Timestamp of
this entry is not updated. As a result, if there is an old (not expired yet)
failed connection entry for the same DC there, winbindd will always think
the entry is not fresh and keeps retrying.

It should update the timestamp of this entry and refresh it so winbindd will
not try to use it again in next 30 seconds. Patch to conncache.c is attached
with this email.

--Qiao Yang
St Bernard Software

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