Writing own VFS module

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Jan 28 18:29:19 GMT 2006

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Timo Neuvonen wrote:

> **1**
> I'm writing a VFS module, that would do something after a 
> file is renamed by end user.
> I haven't found any documentation about the return values.

I would assume they match the POSIX system calls by the same name
I expect.  I'm not 100% positive though.  A -1 indicates error
and errno should be set approriately.

> **2**
> How compatible the VFS modules are between different Samba 
> versions? I think I've seen a note somewhere saying that the
> VFS interface may change from one Samba version to another?
> Should I be prepared to re-compile the module every time Samba 
> gets even a minor update?

The VFS interface is versioned.  I forget if Samba or the
VFS module itself checks this.  I think the server code

As long as the VERSION doesn't change, the module should be
binary compatible between releases.  Assuming that you don't
make assumptions about the global namespace/variables, etc...
But this is just theoretical.  I don't normally go there.

You might need to adapt for each 3.0.x version (we won't
change the VFS interface for a letter release).

> How about the possible need to modify the source, is 
> it reasonably safe to expect that the same source would compile
> with future 3.xx versions of Samba? So far I've been testing this
> idea only with 3.0.14a (current binary rpm version for FC4),
> but I noticed that the skeleton source for 3.0.21a already had
> at least cosmetic changes (for example, "old" and "new" renamed
> to "oldname" and "newname")

These changes were for the C++ compiler I think.

> **3**
> Then, finally, the more down-the-earth problems: 

I'll let someone else pick these up.  Like I said, I don't
normally go there, but I can if needed.  If you don't get an
answer in a few days, ping me back and I'll try to help you

cheers, jerry
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