Announcing Samba 4.0.0TP1

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Thu Jan 26 23:54:41 GMT 2006

Hi Ken,

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 02:50:20PM -0800, Ken Stone wrote about 'Re: Announcing Samba 4.0.0TP1':
> I pulled down the 4.0.0TP1 bits yesterday just to take a look (ie not even
> a glimmer of hope that I could get it to build :-).  What I found was that
> I could not get beyond running configure ... It barfed all over the place.

> Is there a plan to describe the toolset required to build 4.0 ?  I had 
> seen some stuff a while back about new compiler tech needed ?  What might
> be nice is kind of a tookit guide so people like me can start looking 
> for what its going to take.

Other then a shell, perl 5 and a c compiler, you shouldn't need
anything. Can you post some of the error messages?



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