ldb data structure map

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Jan 26 21:45:08 GMT 2006

On Friday 27 January 2006 02:13 am, simo wrote:
> Thanks Brad, this seem a nice graph of the structures.
> But it does not say much about the API, which has been built to mimic
> the LDAP API to some degree.
It is meant to help when you have the "the API wants an ldb_message_element, 
but I have a ldb_ldif structure; how do I get to ldb_message_element?" 

> The message structure follow the same rule, as we need to have all the
> features LDAP have.
I don't know LDAP, and LDAP doesn't have much documentation (although I do 
have the OReilly LDAP book and the RFCs).

> Anyway I'm going to change again the internal API because I want to
> support notifications.
If you are going to change things, then can you look at the struct ldb_dn part 
as well? I found it strange that the counts are called num_foo (eg 
num_elements, num_values) except for ldb_dn, where it is called comp_num. 
Also, struct ldb_dn_component should have a struct ldb_val *value element 
rather than a struct ldb_val value element. Both those changes are to be 
consistent with the rest of the API that I've seen.

> As an ldb user, would you be interested in such a feature?
Probably. I'm interested in using ldb for desktop configuration.

> How would you see an async interface to ldb?
Some kind of registered callback seems easiest, and wouldn't add much overhead 
(I hope!). Beyond that, I'm not far enough into my design to help much.

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