ldb data structure map

simo idra at samba.org
Thu Jan 26 15:13:22 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 19:24 +1100, Brad Hards wrote:
> I've found it a bit hard to understand ldb, perhaps because my API concepts 
> are now really familiar with Qt/C++.  To try to resolve the problem, and to 
> help with the API documentation, I've done up a diagram that tries to map the 
> main data structures. ldb_message looked important, so I worked from that. 
> See attached for the diagram in OpenOffice Draw, and png, formats.
> I'd appreciate feedback on this. Also, hints on what else is worth mapping 
> would also be nice.

Thanks Brad, this seem a nice graph of the structures.
But it does not say much about the API, which has been built to mimic
the LDAP API to some degree.

The message structure follow the same rule, as we need to have all the
features LDAP have.

Anyway I'm going to change again the internal API because I want to
support notifications.
As an ldb user, would you be interested in such a feature?
How would you see an async interface to ldb?

Any comments on this topic are well accepted.

Simo Sorce
Samba Team
email: idra at samba.org

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