3.0.20b release stuff

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jan 25 17:49:34 GMT 2006

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William Jojo wrote:

> I think perhaps the following could be included:
> 2353 (clitar fix [smbclient -TcF])
> 3344 (tcp.h warning)
> 1970 (nmblookup -S)
> 1336 (testparm -s)
> 3379 (WINBIND_NSS) although I'd like to combine this with 3402 (or not,
> it'll stand on it's own)

only 1336 made it in.  Mostly since I'm paranoid about
messing with Makefile.in or configure.in before a release.
I will get these into the tree however.

> In my humble opinion, the following could be closed:
> 1778 (fixed by Tim potter 9/04)
> 1399 (dup of closed 1984)
> 2606 (see comment #10)

Agreed.  Closed.

> I'm presently researching 2770, 1779, 3307 and 3402.
> I think 1779 is easy, add a cast to remove the warning. So I'
> I'll post that later today.

This one did make it into the release.

> 2770 requires me to drop LDAP on one of my server to go 
> back to smbpassd.
> And should I talk to Tim Potter about 3402 since that's 
> a Makefile/script issue?

You could just code a patch.  I doubt Tim will spend any
time on this.

cheers, jerry
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