SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE *not* ready for general consumption yet

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Wed Jan 25 07:39:03 GMT 2006

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> /jerry waves at everyone to svn up and test on their platform.
> A majority of the diff is code reformatting from you and
> Jeremy.  (We'll talk about this later :-) ).  And Guenther
> has a significant amount of "sed 's/d_printf(/d_fprintf(stderr,/'"
> in the net code.
> I'm testing against a Samba PDC (x86) and 3 domain members servers
> (one x64, one x86, and one Sparc).  I haven't run a gambit of
> Windows domain member servers yet.
The MS SMS 2003 installation fix wasn't ported fully, a part of opening 
BUILTIN domain was missed (attached). The difference with SAMBA_3_0 
branch is absence of builtin_domain_name() in the RELEASE branch, thus 
direct comparison.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
Samba Team            
ALT Linux Team        
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