Holy Cow!

Lawrence Walton lawrence at the-penguin.otak.com
Tue Jan 24 06:30:26 GMT 2006

Hi everyone!

Don't worry this is good.

This is a quick note about some informal performance testing I've been
doing with BackupExec 10, using 2003 server, xp, and samba in the role of
back-up-to-disk server. backing up a Exchange with about 125 gigs of data.

Using XP workstation and 2003 server as the first target I was getting
between 500 and 750 megs a minute.

Samba as a target on a much inferior hardware then the XP and 2003
server was averaging 900 to 1000 megs a minute.

So far so good.

Samba on a very nice Opteron raid system.... stock 2.6.15. Just a little
more on the top end, 1350, and seeming never below 1000, satifactory but
worth tweeking.

I thought it slightly odd the Opteron was not working hard at all.

No load in top, no waiting tasks in vmstat.

Now I'm a kernel junky at heart and had read quite a bit about the io
schedulers and thought it wise to change the scheduler to cfq.

This improved the peeks and valleys, now it was consistently over 1100,
but nothing more on the top end.

Then I turned on sendfile.... And wow!

To quote BackupExec.

"Throughput Rate: 2264 MB/min"

Now I realize this is not a real world test, and it's not a very good
benchmark, but why not turn sendfile back on for kernels later then

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