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<vl> :-)
<coffeedude> vl: 2 requests and I'm on board.   (a) The command line
syntax between thye local and rpc version must match, & (b) the API
between smbd's internal use for manipulating user rights and the one
used by 'net sam' have to be the same.
<vl> coffeedude: I'm only using what is already used in srv_lsa_nt.c,
with one optimization.
<coffeedude> vl: Now what I would *really* love to see is to start
librartizing the code so that there is a that the net
command and smbd link against and we maintain a stable API that others
could use as well.
<vl> That would be the passdb API... :-)
<coffeedude> vl: It's those "one optimizations" that concern me.
<coffeedude> vl: Are you pushing the user rights into the passdb backend?
<vl> No, I'm not.
<coffeedude> vl: passdb may be the API but it is not the library that
applications can link again.
<vl> You have provision in privileges.c to only list the SIDs that have
privs assigned, but never use that. That's the optimization I made.
<vl> I'm only using your code in privileges.c more than you do...
<coffeedude> vl: ok.  sounds fine.

cheers, jerry
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