Jason Gerfen jason.gerfen at
Thu Jan 19 13:48:07 GMT 2006

I have been looking for some information regarding a specific mapping of 
user accounts or something similar.  I do believe it has been discussed 
here before and there is little if anything in the Samba 3 HOWTO or the 
Samba 3 by example.

The setup:
Windows 2k with ADS4Unix & Kerberos authentication
Samba 3 .20 as ADS member server
Windows/Linux clients perform Kerberos authentication from Windows 2k 
(which actually is a trusted domain member of a Kerberos Realm), user 
account info is generated from AD

I saw on here somewhere about a type of user account mapping for this 
type of setup but it wasn't included in the HOWTO due to lack of 
information or something.  Any help on the correct terminology, or how 
to accomplish this is appreciated.

Jason Gerfen

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