[linux-cifs-client] any way to get mapchars to handle double quote?

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 17 17:01:39 GMT 2006

This is an interesting question.  It looks like Windows should take double
quote in its C shell or Korn shell in SFU but I have not been successful
trying to do that locally on Windows - it may be that it is controlled by a
registry setting that I have forgotten about.

Over the network Windows returned "STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID" when I tried
to create a directory with double quotes in it which implies that the
double quote character should be remapped (with mapchars mount option) but
there may be some POSIX history on this topic of which I am unaware.

The SFU help says
      File names can contain any of the characters specified by the POSIX
      portable character set. In Interix, file names can contain any
      character except the following:

      \ / " < >

which implies that the POSIX portable character set does not require the
filesystem to support double quote (although I can create such a file in
Linux/ext3 locally).

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I've read the archives on the issue and none seem to discuss the
double-quote character


This appears illegal on Windows 2k at least (don't have a winXP to test

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