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Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Jan 13 03:57:46 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 14:45 +1100, James Peach wrote:

> > WebSVN:
> > 
> > Log:
> > Stop passing structs around in smb messages, instead
> > always linearize into little-endian. Should fix all
> > Solaris issues with this, plus provide a cleaner base
> > moving forward for cluster-aware Samba where smbd's
> > can communicate across different compilers/architectures
> > (eventually these message will have to go cross-machine).
> IIRC, I've suggested this before, but I still think that using XDR
> encoding simplifies passing these messages around a lot. The XDR library
> is available everywhere, so I don't think this is a portability issue.

There's also tdb_pack, Jelmer's tdr routines, and the whole pidl
infrastructure from Samba 4.  The latter option is probably overkill
though.  (-:

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