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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jan 13 03:36:15 GMT 2006

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Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> What I envision:
> - New bugs gets CC:d to the ML. Perhaps after a quick 
> manual inspection that it's a real bug report an not just
> crap, and that it's suitable for public discussion.
> - Comments on the ML regarding the bug gets recorded in 
> the bug report.
> - Comments made in the bug report directly also get CC:d
> to the ML.

I'm open to enhancements to bugzilla and know would be
a good time.  However, I don't really want to start spamming
samba-technical with all the little comments and things
that go on in a bug report.  I mean have you read over some
of these reports lately?

I *do* think that getting more people exposed to the bug
reporting and tracking process is a good thing.  I would
be willing to have the initial report go to the mailing list
but once it gets assigned it is no longer CC'd.  This process
would be something like this.

* Bug gets files as NEW and CC'd to samba-technical
* Someone assumes ownership and marks the bug as ASSIGNED
<...conversations within the bug report...>
* Bug gets marked as RESOLVED and CC'd to ml.

It would be important that people take ownership and
that when possible, posted patches to the bug report.
So that when the bug is marked as resolved, people
could also have a chance to review the changes which
eventually got checked in.

I'd need to hack up the bugzilla code a little which should
not be much work.  Of course, if anyone is a bugzilla guru
and wants to offer some advice, I'm all ears.

cheers, jerry
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