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Brad Hards bradh at
Thu Jan 12 20:23:01 GMT 2006

On Friday 13 January 2006 01:17 am, simo wrote:
> ok, btw is it possible to split the docs to have a "user programmer"
> functions and a section about the internal for ldb developers ?
> In ldb_private.h we put functions that must not be used by client
> programmers, they must be used only inside ldb (+modules) itself.
There are two options:
1. Run doxygen with different configuration files, and put the results into 
two different places. This will probably require changing some headers around 
(and also linking between the results, because the defines and data 
structures are comon, of course).
2. Just annotate each of the private functions with \internal, which will add 
an appropriate warning, and can be used with a config option to build two 
forms of the documentation. See:

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