SAMBA LDAP Integrity

Yovko Yovkov yyovkov at
Thu Jan 12 11:43:01 GMT 2006

The reason of writing this letter is to asking for development of more
flexible way to support samba configuration. Currently we have not good
tools to configuring samba server. It makes it harder to be supported.
The configuration file is clean enough, but I need to login on the
machine and change the smb.conf. If I have replication of samba server -
I need to change the configuration of the backup server. I want this to
much easer and to have some graphical tools. Also I am looking for
better integrity in the running network environment.

LDAP give us a lot of possibilities to control the network machines -
like it is in the M$ and in Novel ... and so on. 

In short - I am asking to be replaced smb.conf with ldap entry. This
will give us possibilities to create a nice graphical tools to control

Unfortunately I am not a developer (code writer) and I can not be in
help of coding. But I have experience in administration and already have
some ideas how must things happen.

If it is in interest of some of developers let's contact me to start to
make such solution.

I hope there is already people who support this idea and will start to
make things happen to grant samba more popularity!

Yovko Yovkov

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