tdb_lock failed errors (bug #3327)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Jan 11 20:30:08 GMT 2006

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Jeremy Allison wrote:

> I agree it can be weeks or months before issues get dealt with,
> I was explaining *why* that was :-). It just bugs me to get
> criticized as not being responsive when I've 2000+ outstanding
> issues to deal with. The issues I work on I'm *very* responsive
> on, I just can't get to all of them.

hehehe....This is not a personal message to you and CC'd to the
ml.  And you and I are in the same boat.  So is Volker.  We talked
about a similar issue on the phone this morning.

Tony did his part.  He was thorough, interested, and posed
specific questions.  Unless we have a way to handle people
who are interested in becoming developers (or even just finding
out enough information to fix a bug), we will miss the window
and just be stuck in the same cycle over and over.  That's my

Now I'm not asking anyone to change how they work or how they
interact on the list.  I'm just waving the flag to say we have
a problem.  So let's call it what it is.

Admissions is the first in the 12-step program (so I hear).

> Yes, this is the scalability argument in another form.... I'm
> trying to expand the pool of people whilst maintaining quality
> as much as possible. There's just no magic bullet I think. It's
> just lots of hard work :-).

But the current model has not really expanded the developer
pool :-)  That's *my* point.  So at some point we have to try
a different solution :-)

Anyways, I'm back to working BUG 3346 (bus errors on sparc).

cheers, jerry
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