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Wed Jan 11 20:12:09 GMT 2006

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Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Not really. Do you know how many people request help and do 
> genuine attempts to fix bugs on this list ? There are many,
> many people asking for help and only a few of us able to provide
> it. As people get familiar and competant we end up adding
> them into the Team to help share the load, but few people have
> the dedication and patience to spend the time it takes.


Tony has a valid point.  We have to admit that there are far
to many development questions that go unanswered here.  I'm
looking at several just in the past few days.  If you watch
the trend, I'll bet you find that people simply talk to people
they know and very rarely don't respond outside that circle
of acquaintances.  And before I toss a grenade your way,
this is not about you or anyone specific.

I can't blame this entirely on IRC but that communication
medium does strengthen personal relationships and have a
tendency to form cliques.

> I'd already flagged your work and saved it. It's in my inbox 
> of fixes to add. My inbox currently stands more than 2000
> messages - this is *after* filtering out bad bug reports, stuff
> I can't help with etc. This is 2000+ messages I should do
> something about. Most of the team are in the same state. Either
> more help on other open issues (bugzilla is open, use it) or 
> a little more patience would be appreciated.

I'll speak up for Tony here only to point out that there can
be weeks or months before issues get dealt with.  The current method
of relying upon a few of us does not scale and we know that.
Neither you nor I nor Volker nor anyone else can be responsible
for everyone's question.  And yet when we have someone interested
enough to spend the time tracking down something, they get ignored.
Not out of spite or anything else but overloaded email clients.

We have to get a better way to get new developers involved
without adding to our existing workload.  I'm open for suggestions.
Does anyone know what is happening with bzr and possible
migration of the svn trees?

cheers, jerry (a.k.a. coffeedude)
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