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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jan 11 19:26:35 GMT 2006

> > I still don't think we should allow a dot here.  It may be allowed by
> > crh's rules, but I think we are just asking for pain in Samba4 if we
> > allow it.

They are not my rules.  I'm only the messenger.

Any octet value may be encoded using the scheme in RFC1002.  There is a
rule against using nul bytes, but I have (once) seen nuls in a name.  I 
had to rewrite a chunk of my own testing code to deal with that name.  I 
wish I still had the capture.

There is also a rule against using the asterisk ('*') as the first octet,
but that rule is bent.  (That's why the *SMBSERVER name is never

> > Does windows allow such a name in 'system -> computer name'?

If not, then the restriction is enforced at the application layer, not
further down in the stack where it matters.

I wound up writing my own nbt query tool a while back because nmblookup
would not allow me to do things I needed to do, such as query for a
mixed-case NetBIOS name.  Such names do exist in the wild, I'm afraid.
The program I wrote will throw a warning if there's a dot in a NetBIOS 
name, but it goes ahead and uses it anyway.

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