tdb_lock failed errors (bug #3327)

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Wed Jan 11 12:12:57 GMT 2006

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Tony Mountifield <tony at> wrote:
> Apologies for following up my own post, but I'm disappointed that despite
> people being active on the list, no-one has replied.....

Well, I don't know if this list is considered an exclusive clique or what,
but I never had any reply to my genuine attempt to investigate and fix a
valid bug. Poor show, really :-(

Thank you to coffeedude on IRC channel #samba-technical for taking to time
to discuss the bug with me.

For anyone who might find this thread when searching for info about the
same bug, I've now submitted a patch to fix the behaviour, which can be
found at

Hopefully one day the fix will make it into the code...

> I've done some more investigation, and I think this issue could be
> corrected in client/smbmount.c by including a call to namecache_shutdown()
> within the function send_fs_socket(), just inside the "if (!closed)"
> condition. I believe the next time the name cache is required it will
> automatically be opened again.

It turned out that not only was the call to namecache_shutdown() necessary,
but also a small correction to gencache_shutdown(), which wasn't clearing
out the "cache" pointer after closing the cache. This stopped it getting
re-opened properly when next needed.

Regards to all
Tony Mountifield
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