[Proposal] Samba 3.2.0 to replace 3.0.22

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jan 9 16:34:08 GMT 2006

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simo wrote:

> I share your concerns. I think the real problem is 
> not about deciding if a 3.2.x is necessary but if we
> can manage to keep both 3.0.x and 3.2.x in good shape
> after the split. I think such changes cannot be done in
> 3.0.x we really need to bump up the minor.
> I'm sure that you, as a release manager, would be 
> really pressured into trying to maintaining 2 releases, that'
> s too much to keep sanity in the long term imho, so we may
> have the option of appointing someone else for
> maintaining 3.0.x with the minimum amount of fixes that 
> can be backported from 3.2.x and security fixes and let
> 3.0.x have a slow fade out.

The problem here is that no one has even shown an inkling
of either being interested in doing releases or being
involved enough to give me confidence that they would
do sufficient job at it.

> If we have a clear upgrade path I think people will switch 
> to 3.2.x in a not so long time, and we can fix an end
> of team support for the 3.0.x series as we did for 2.2.x series.

I think we speculate too much.  Over 3 years of 3.0.x releases
and people are mailing about 2.2.x ?  I know one University that
just swapped over to 3.0.14a from 2.2.8x last month.

> Sure for some time we will have some more work on 
> our shoulders, are we able to absorb it, are we able
> to find a maintainer for 3.0.x when you move to 3.2.x ?
> Dunno, we need to think about that and put on the plate
> all the problems that arises from such move and 
> benefits and see what can work best.

* jerry is still thinking....

ciao, jerry
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