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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Mon Jan 9 13:17:52 GMT 2006

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Brad Hards schrieb:
> This patch is an interim step towards providing reasonably complete API 
> documentation for ldb. If you apply this patch, and run "doxygen" in the top 
> level ldb directory, then you will get html and man pages for the API as I 
> understand it. 
> The reason for using doxygen is that it has native C support, so things like 
> example code get correctly linked to and from the applicable ldb functions.
> Almost certainly, there are some errors. It is also incomplete. Feel free to 
> correct either or both. My only justification for writing this is that I need 
> to read it...
> I do intend to do more work on this, but this patch serves as a backup in case 
> my machine dies. It might even be worth merging.
> Brad

>  struct ldb_ldif {
> -	enum ldb_changetype changetype;
> -	struct ldb_message *msg;
> +	enum ldb_changetype changetype; ///< The type of change
> +	struct ldb_message *msg;  ///< The changes
>  };

we can't use c++ style comments as some compilers don't like them,
is it possible to change the '///' into a '/*...*/' combination?

btw: the output looks very nice.

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