Running/triggering external processes on certain events

Timo Neuvonen timo-news at
Mon Jan 9 08:52:17 GMT 2006

> > [FileShare]
> >   <other share-spesific stuff>
> >   pre move = /usr/bin/xxx1
> >   post move = /usr/bin/xxx2
> >   post create = /usr/bin/xxxc
> >   pre delete = /us/bin/xxxd
> Have you considered the possible performance implications of this?
No, not really. As a first thought, I guess the _possibility_ to do this
wouldn't propably cost a lot on performance.

Instead, configuring a certain share to handle this propably caused
noticeable impact on performance, both on invoking the new process, and
doing the necessary (at least) minimal actions within the process. But since
this could be configured for a certain share only, it would propably be
possible to choose which files are accessed thru the share in question.


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