Running/triggering external processes on certain events

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Jan 9 08:44:08 GMT 2006

On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 11:54:02PM +0200, Timo Neuvonen wrote:
> Has there ever been discussion about possibitily to trigger running some
> external administrator-defined processes on certain events that were defined
> in a disk share definition?
> At least I don't know that Samba would currently provide feature like this.
> As an example, you could define:
> [FileShare]
>   <other share-spesific stuff>
>   pre move = /usr/bin/xxx1
>   post move = /usr/bin/xxx2
>   post create = /usr/bin/xxxc
>   pre delete = /us/bin/xxxd
> That would run the specified program (xxx1) before moving a file due to user
> request, and another one (xxx2) after the move has completed. Similar ones
> after file creation, and before file delete.

You can do this by writing a custom VFS module that hooks
these events. No need to add this to core smbd.


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