Running/triggering external processes on certain events

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Sun Jan 8 22:23:33 GMT 2006

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Timo Neuvonen wrote:
> That would run the specified program (xxx1) before moving a file due to user
> request, and another one (xxx2) after the move has completed. Similar ones
> after file creation, and before file delete.
> Actually, the pre-one might be required to return non-fail return value
> (that would be based on the arguments passed to the program, in this case
> propably file name and new path), in order the move to be done.
> Events that could be specified to trigger external processes could include
> eg. create, delete, move and copy of a file/directory.
> For me, that doesn't sound very complicated to implement. I guess the
> biggest work would be specifying the required exact syntax, and properly
> extracting everything from the smb.conf file.
> I haven't even tried to look at sources, to find out how this could be done.
> Anyway, I believe it might be a too complicated task for me alone,
> especially since it would also require continuos patching of the new
> versions of Samba forever in the future in my environment.
> If someone more familiar with the Samba code got interested in implementing
> this idea in the original Samba source, I'm ready to support the work with a
> reasonable contribution to the Samba project.
This would be a nice feature to implement as a VFS module.


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