[SAMBA4] Tech preview progress

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Jan 7 10:07:16 GMT 2006

Another note to let folks now where we are at towards the tech preview:

We now have a simple 'kludge ACLs' module.  As described earlier, this
allows the SYSTEM and Administrators full control of the database, while
others may simply read non-password attributes.

This I expect to be replaced by real ACLs, but it should let us release
a tech preview with a straight face.

Due to the efforts of Steinar H. Gunderson and others, the Debian
package that Jelmer started is now on it's way to the experimental

Blocking the tech preview I see: 
 - SIGTERM handling (metze)
 - ACLs on registry, needs plumbing work (jelmer)
 - Documentation (particularly of user management with ldb)
 - Testing

That is, nothing impossible.  I think we really can get this out before

Sometime after that we will need to seriously look at system integration
issues.  For example, a working Samba4 domain requires a particular DNS
setup (the zone file loaded by provision).  Changing the settings for
other services is a sensitive matter for packaging, but if we are to
ever have a solution that 'just works' we must tackle it somehow.

Andrew Bartlett
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