FHS defaults for samba4

simo idra at samba.org
Thu Jan 5 19:24:22 GMT 2006

On ven, 2006-01-06 at 06:05 +1100, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> As we move towards the tech preview, I have been thinking about old
> Samba habits that should not die hard.
> One of these is FHS.  The use of lib for the smb.conf file in the
> default prefix and the like has been with us for many long years, and we
> need to fix that up.  In Samba3, debian and the like have patches that
> change Samba's core to fix this up (even in addition to the --with-fhs
> configure option), but we should avoid having to do that.

I agree with you, we need to be FHS compliant from start, I hate the
need to continuously track changes and make/update the necessary patches
in the Debian packages.

> Can I have some advise/confirmation, on where we should have:
>                (packages)           (source install)
>  - smbd
>                /usr/sbin            PREFIX/sbin
>  - smbclient (et al)
>                /usr/bin             PREFIX/bin
>  - smb.conf?
>                /etc/samba           PREFIX/etc
>  - sam.ldb
>    secrets.ldb
>    secrets.keytab
>    <other private files>
>                /var/lib/samba/private PREFIX/var/lib/private

Debian puts these in /var/lib/samba but we should carefully consider if
these are better suited to stay in /etc/samba, after all passwd and
group files stay in /etc and so do many password containing files,
certificates, etc...

I'm slightly in favor of /etc/samba 


>  - printing (persistent cache, but you loose print job tracking if you
> scrub it)

but nothing stops working if you polish it.

>                /var/lib/samba     PREFIX/var/
>    (or should this be /var/cache/samba or /var/spool/samba?)

the spool hive is meant for temporary files /var/lib is the right place

> I have no doubt missed some stuff, but it would be nice to try and get
> this right this time.

It seem have got most of them if not all, I'd go down this path and
start changing defaults in the code.


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