FHS defaults for samba4

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Jan 5 19:05:32 GMT 2006

As we move towards the tech preview, I have been thinking about old
Samba habits that should not die hard.

One of these is FHS.  The use of lib for the smb.conf file in the
default prefix and the like has been with us for many long years, and we
need to fix that up.  In Samba3, debian and the like have patches that
change Samba's core to fix this up (even in addition to the --with-fhs
configure option), but we should avoid having to do that.

Can I have some advise/confirmation, on where we should have:

               (packages)           (source install)
 - smbd
               /usr/sbin            PREFIX/sbin
 - smbclient (et al)
               /usr/bin             PREFIX/bin
 - smb.conf?
               /etc/samba           PREFIX/etc
 - sam.ldb
   <other private files>
               /var/lib/samba/private PREFIX/var/lib/private
 - WINS database
               /var/lib/samba       PREFIX/var/lib
 - Samba3 winbindd_privileged pipe (permissions persistent)
               /var/lib/samba       PREFIX/var/lib
 - interprocess communication pipes
               /var/run/samba/      PREFIX/var/run
 - swat files (HTML, client-side js)
               /usr/share/samba/swat  PREFIX/share/swat
 - templates, provision scripts
               /usr/share/samba     PREFIX/share
 - logs
               /var/log/samba       PREFIX/var/log
 - include files
               /usr/include         PREFIX/include
 - shared libaries
               /usr/lib             PREFIX/lib
 - plugins
               /usr/lib             PREFIX/lib
 - locking databases (non-persistent)
               /var/run/samba      PREFIX/var/run
 - cache databases (winbindd cache)
               /var/cache/samba   PREFIX/var/cache
 - printing (persistent cache, but you loose print job tracking if you
scrub it)
               /var/lib/samba     PREFIX/var/
   (or should this be /var/cache/samba or /var/spool/samba?)

I have no doubt missed some stuff, but it would be nice to try and get
this right this time.

Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett                                http://samba.org/~abartlet/
Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org
Student Network Administrator, Hawker College  http://hawkerc.net
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