Samba MySQL; working on a bug fix- tech question

dmcguire dmcguire at
Thu Jan 5 02:35:07 GMT 2006

To all:

Please forgive me if this is the improper forum in which to ask this 

I'm new to fixing Samba code, but I'm trying to work through fix some 
issues in the behavior of the MySQL back end.  Specifically, I'm trying 
write a to fix this problem:

Could anyone tell me what source code modules control caching code and 
similar functions- particularly things that may have changed since 
3.0.20b?  I'm more than happy to do that last bit of cross-referencing 
myself, I don't mean to get greedy.

As I said, I'm new to this, but it seems like some sort of caching 
problem to me.

Thanks for your help and patience,
    Darrell McGuire

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