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tridge at tridge at
Wed Jan 4 04:36:16 GMT 2006


 > There are many 'features' of Samba3 that Samba4 will simply be unable to
 > support.  Consider what DNS name would be formed by this?  

well, the netbios name and the DNS name of the computer are supposed
to be de-coupled. The default for one can be derived from the other,
but you are supposed to be able to have a DNS name of
"" and a NBT name of "mymachine" if you want to.

The server side of this isn't too bad really. The messy part is client
code, when someone asks to connect to and you don't know if
they mean a DNS name or a NBT name. The usual "if it has a dot in it
then don't try NBT" doesn't work in that case.

Cheers, Tridge

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