[SAMBA4][PATCH] Make Samba4 able to serve Samba3

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Jan 2 21:06:22 GMT 2006

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 03:17:46PM +1100, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> This patch finally fixes our kpasswdd implementation to be compatible
> with clients compiled against the MIT Kerberos implementation.  (Which
> checks for address in KRB-PRIV packets, hence my comments on socket
> functions earlier today).
> It also fixes the 'set password' operation to behave correctly (it was
> previously a no-op).
> This allows Samba3 to join Samba4.  Some winbindd operations even work,
> which I think is a good step forward.  There is naturally a lot of work
> to do, but I wanted at least the very basics of Samba3 domain membership
> to be available for the tech preview.

Brillient work Andrew ! Well done in making a great step forward on this,
thanks. That's going to be a very important setup for Samba4 I think.


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