Samba doesn't detect any network interface

tridge at tridge at
Thu Feb 9 23:33:20 GMT 2006


 > Samba (smbd nor nmbd) doesn't detect any network interface on my system.
 > Perhaps it is because the system is a bit exotic (mipsel, uClibc, 
 > remember the "embedded Samba" thread?).

You should debug it like this:

  gcc -g -o interfaces lib/interfaces.c -DAUTOCONF_TEST=1 -DHAVE_IFACE_IFCONF=1

That creates a standalone program that tests just the interfaces
code. Then run ./interfaces as root to test. If it fails, then debug
it under gdb, and work out what it is doing wrong.

When it works you should see something like this:

 got 2 interfaces:
 eth0       IP= NETMASK=
 lo         IP= NETMASK=

My guess would be a uClibc problem.

Cheers, Tridge

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