ZFS NFSv4 style ACL support

Aknin the.aknin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 10:07:38 GMT 2006

Hello folks,

I'm interested in a version of Samba that would support NFSv4 style
ACLs over ZFS. As it's my understanding that Samba already supports
extended-ACLs (more than POSIX, anyway) over Linux/XFS, I believe the
additional code that will utilize Solaris' ZFS API shan't be too much
to do.

I've raised the matter a couple of days ago in #samba-technical with
elrond and wanon, the latter suggested implementing an ACL abstraction
layer between Samba and the various ACL APIs (POSIX, Sun ZFS,
others...?), to ease implementing many kinds of ACL APIs.

Comments? Anyone already working on the issue?

 - Yaniv

(see: Mapping between POSIX ACLs and NFSv4 ACLs
and: RFC 3530: NFSv4 Protocol

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