[SAMBA4][PATCH] Add Windows testing to Samba 4 make tests

Brad Henry j0j0 at riod.ca
Fri Aug 25 01:06:59 GMT 2006

tridge at samba.org wrote:
>   +include heimdal_build/perl_path_wrapper.sh ../librpc/idl-deps.pl librpc/idl/*.idl|
>   I presume you didn't want that. It's a good idea to read the diff
>   output to see that it doesn't contain any unwatned stuff :-)
Woops! I'll be more careful with my diffs in the future. :)
> 2) Next, we'll need to put the win_test.conf info somewhere other than
>    the fixed location in script/tests/ as otherwise we won't be able
>    to have more than one host in the farm using these tests. Maybe
>    support a WINTESTCONF environment variable, which we could set in
>    the per host config in the build_farm ? It would point at a file
>    that the admin of the box has setup. If that variable is not set
>    then don't do windows testing.
That sounds like a great way to handle it.
> 3) Currently the bnhtest machine only does the windows tests and skips
>    the existing tests. I presume that's because the windows tests
>    require socket wrapper disabled and the non-windows tests need to
>    have it enabled? If thats the case, then unsetting
>    SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR in test_win.sh should solve that problem. Or
>    maybe there is some other reason? I'd certainly be keen to run the
>    windows tests first, so that if we have a non-windows test failure
>    we still see the windows tests (the windows tests are arguably more
>    valuable as they will only run on a very few build farm hosts).
There are a couple of reasons. While I was testing, I skipped the 
existing tests to speed the process up. Also, I wanted the windows tests 
to appear in the host config/build/install/test status summary on the 
build farm web page for bnhtest, and it currently doesn't if the 
existing tests are also enabled.

Those are kind of wimpy reasons though. I definitely agree that it would 
be best to typically run both, but the real reason was that I wasn't 
prepared to tackle build.pl to fix the status summary yet :) Now that 
the SOC's over and the test is integrated, I want to look it over and 
discuss the next steps.
> 4) Can you add a README for the script/tests/win/ directory explaining
>    how to set this up? What do you think about committing the
>    vm_setup.tar.gz there as well?
Definately. I'll put a patch together to add the README file and take 
care of the win_test.conf environment variable soon.
> Thanks so much for your efforts on this. It should be relatively easy
> to expand what you've done to do a much wider range of samba<->windows
> tests, which will greatly increase the confidence we have that Samba
> actually works. This is something I've wanted to see for a long time!
> Cheers, Tridge
You're very welcome. I'm really enjoying it! And thanks also for the 
opportunity, and help/guidance from yourself and Vance along the way. 
I'm definitely looking forward to working together to extend the 
samba/windows testing, and any other aspects of Samba I end up getting 
my fingers into in the future :) It's been pretty varied so far!

Thanks again,

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