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idra at idra at
Wed Aug 23 15:38:12 GMT 2006

On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 04:53:48AM +0000, tridge at wrote:
> Author: tridge
> Date: 2006-08-23 04:53:47 +0000 (Wed, 23 Aug 2006)
> New Revision: 17738
> WebSVN:
> Log:
> solving the seemingly trivial problem of timegm() being missing on
> some systems requires quite a large change in ldb. The core problem is
> that ldb doesn't have its own equivalent of lib/replace/, so we have
> no sane place to put things like timegm.c
> This patch moves part of lib/replace/ from Samba4 into ldb, and the
> next patch will remove those parts from Samba4. We will probably need
> to similarly move parts of lib/replace/ into lib/talloc/ and lib/tdb/,
> so that at each level the libraries have replacements for the
> functions they need, but higher level libraries don't need to
> re-include replacements if a lower level library already replaces the
> function

Tridge, wouldn't it make sense to create a libreplace, and make tdb,
talloc, ldb and samba4 to depend on it?
We may even backport and share it with samba3 so that we ahve a common
set or replacement functions.


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