Memory leaks in passdb.c ?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Aug 23 12:22:46 GMT 2006

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Shlomi Yaakobovich wrote:

>> This is not technically a leak since the guest structure is set
>> up once rather than having rebuild it every time we need it.
>> It's never freed before exit, but is always available while
>> smbd is running.
> I know, but still I see the memory growing very slowly. 
> If I would leave running for 2 days then this
> would grow some more. I was thinking that perhaps
> this is caused due to consecutive calls for a session
> setup. Perhaps it was once true that the guest structure
> is built once, but maybe more recent versions of
> Windows resend these packets some times ?  I did

I'm about 99% sure it's not the guest structure.  Trying
using smbcontrol to dump the talloc memory pool usage
periodically and see where things are growing.

> not see it in tcpdump though, but I found a hint in
> a comment before setup_new_vc_session:
> /*********************************************
>  On new VC == 0, shutdown *all* old connections
>  and users. It seems that only NT4.x does this.
>  At W2K and above (XP etc.). a new session setup
>  with VC==0 is ignored.
> **********************************************/
> I will try running with tcpdump for a very long 
> time, and perhaps catch these packets.

Looking for specific packets will probably not be
that productive.  valgrind, smbcontrol, and other
memory checkers are the best tools here.

cheers, jerry
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