[SAMBA4] Samba appliance for terminal servers

Steven McCoy fnjordy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 04:10:35 GMT 2006

> > A couple of technical questions:  will Samba 4 allow LDAP clients to
> modify
> > the entries, and can I add extra schemas like the qmail, sendmail, exim,
> and
> > postfix mail schemas?  According to previous notes and docs it should be
> > able to by updating schema.ldif?
> We don't currently check schemas, so you don't need to add them, but
> when we do start checking, we will convert and load these external
> schemas.
> > http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba-technical/2005-November/043846.html
> >
> > So to support schema files I would need to convert them to LDIF, update
> the
> > master schema.ldif and rebuild the Samba databases?
> Yep.  see oLschema2ldif.  I have recently updated it to convert the
> matching rules as required.

Ok, I had started to play with oLschema2ldif however it was not overly happy
with qmail.schema or a concatenated set of the dependent schemas.  Instead I
read about Samba's LDB being schema-less and tried adding custom LDIF
entries and it appeared to work well.  After analysing the Mozilla
Thunderbird schema setup I can also use Samba as an LDAP address book,
albeit some tweaks to Thunderbird (Bug 119291) to force LDAP resolution of
some entries and its quite nice.

I would think an address book server might be more popular than the limited
use I currently am using Samba for.  The absense of an official Thunderbird
LDAP schema almost working as a benefit when compared to an OpenLDAP



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