LDAP questions and password generation

Malte Zacharias malte.zacharias at nordakademie.de
Thu Aug 17 22:52:22 GMT 2006

>> Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> > The NTLM hash is the shared secret that NTLM authentication is based
>> > on. It cannot however be directly compared with any network value,
>> > instead
>> What do you mean with network value in this context?
> Some folks mistakenly think that once they have the NTLM hash value,
> that 'NTLM Authentication' can be accomplished in PHP (or similar) by
> simple value comparison.  it is more complex than that.
You mean in regard to that NTLM Auth uses a challenge response
mechanism? My question was more aimed towards this, ntlm challenge response
auth makes uses of a nt and a lm hash during the process,
are thoses hashes the same hashes I need to insert into my
LDAP/mysql/... passdb backend for the user to be able to
login with the password used for generating those hashes?

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