[samba3] lib/util_file.c unused functions?

David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Thu Aug 17 15:09:23 GMT 2006

John E. Malmberg wrote:
> Because OpenVMS does some file operations different than UNIX, it 
> appears that I need to replace some of routines in util_file.c with ones 
>  specific to OpenVMS.
> In looking at some of the routines that I would need to replace, I can 
> not find that SAMBA V3 is currently even using them.
> These routines are:
>     file_lock, file_unlock, startfilepwent, and endfilepwent.

	start- and endfilepwnet are th callers of file_lock and _unlock,
	but no-one seems to call the start- and end- functions!

Functions calling this function: startfilepwent
   File    Function Line
0 proto.h NTSTATUS 1258 void *startfilepwent(char *pfile, char *s_readbuf, int

Functions calling this function: endfilepwent
   File    Function Line
0 proto.h NTSTATUS 1260 void endfilepwent(void *vp, int *file_lock_depth);

	They're all entries in proto.h, not calls!

Functions calling this function: file_lock
   File        Function       Line
0 util_file.c startfilepwent  140 if (!file_lock(fileno(fp), (update ? F_WRLCK :

Functions calling this function: file_unlock
   File        Function     Line
0 util_file.c endfilepwent  161 file_unlock(fileno(fp), file_lock_depth);

> And the routine do_file_lock appears to be only used by 
> passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.c.

	I see a few other calls, but only four in total:

Functions calling this function: do_file_lock
   File            Function       Line
0 util_file.c     file_lock        85 if (!do_file_lock(fd, secs, type)) {
1 util_file.c     file_unlock     103 ret = do_file_lock(fd, 5, F_UNLCK);
2 pdb_smbpasswd.c pw_file_lock     78 if (!do_file_lock(fd, secs, type)) {
3 pdb_smbpasswd.c pw_file_unlock  103 ret = do_file_lock(fd, 5, F_UNLCK);
4 proto.h         NTSTATUS       1255 BOOL do_file_lock(int fd, int waitsecs,

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