Setting dos_attr from smbc_setxattr problem 3.0.23a

Henrik Zagerholm henke at
Wed Aug 16 18:48:48 GMT 2006

We have just tested on Win XP Pro SP2 box so far.

Do you mean that setting more that m_time is only supported on modern  
windows systems?
Which versions do you classify as "modern"?


16 aug 2006 kl. 18:40 skrev derrell at

> Henrik Zagerholm <henke at> writes:
>> Hello list,
>> I'm building a little tool to set m-time and c-time on a file on  
>> a  win box
>> using libsmbclient.
>> The m-time works as expected but when I try to do the same on c- 
>> time  it
>> doesn't. (Actually the m-time gets modified when setting c-time ???).
> The mechanism used for setting times differs depending on what  
> Windows version
> your peer is.  On "modern" versions of Windows, the SetPathInfo  
> call is used,
> whereas on older versions of Windows, setAttrE may be required.
> The first thing that occurs when you issue these calls is that the  
> current
> values of the attributes are retrieved, using qpathinfo2 if available
> ("modern" versions of Windows); getatr otherwise.  In the latter  
> case, only
> m_time is retrieved, so c_time and a_time are set to the m_time value.
> On what version of Windows are you trying to set c_time and m_time?
> Derrell

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