LDAP questions and password generation

Malte Zacharias malte.zacharias at nordakademie.de
Mon Aug 14 21:46:40 GMT 2006

Hello folks,

I have some questions concerning samba of which I believe that I am right
here, as they're quite technical ones. At the moment I am running Samba
3.0.21b using LDAP as passdb backend and am very satisfied with it.

I also use my LDAP tree to store information about my machines DHCP and DNS
configuration and I want to integrate all this information in a handy web
bases configuration tool using Smalltalk. To be able to make the needed
changes in the LDAP tree when a user changes his password I would need to
know how the Password hashes (are they hashes?) stored in the LDAP tree are
generated. Is there someplace where it is already documented or some sample
code in either Java, Perl, PHP or Smalltalk? Unfortunately I'm not able to
read C well enough I believe.

My second question regards the other LDAP attributes, is there some kind of
documentation available concerning these parameters and their allowed
values? I already searched the mailing lists available on gmane however the
only posting regarding this I found was from the author of Ldap Account
Manager and there aren't any answers in that thread. I would be very happy
if someone could provide me with the information needed or just point me in
the right direction.

Sincerely yours,
Malte Zacharias

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