Samba4 Build farm failures

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Tue Aug 15 08:50:16 GMT 2006

>> > On AIX, it appears that 'FIXME' is a macro, causing a build failure on
>> > the dcom IDL.  I'm fixing this. 
>> When I try to build Samba4 on AIX it also fails in
>> heimdal/lib/des, it stumbles over the unconditional use of
>> "inline".
> Ok.  I've CC'ed Love, but a fix in Samba4 will require me to resync with
> Heimdal, which is a bit painful at this point as we work to get the
> GSSAPI patches included upstream, or at least repatched against the new
> upstream layout.

Heimdal uses the autoconf macro AC_C_INLINE to define inline to something
useful on platforms that misses it. AC_C_INLINE comes with autoconf, no
external macros are needed.


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