Samba4 Build farm failures

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Aug 13 12:22:48 GMT 2006

Following on from Volker's comments, I wanted to get some feedback from
folks more familiar than I on some Unix systems, as to how to fix some
Samba4 build farm failures.

On IRIX, we have what I think is a header ordering issue.  It seems that
the macros we use to fake the sockets are overridden by system macros.

On Solaris 10, we don't find the gnutls libraries, despite the configure
system detecting them.  Perhaps we should put in a 'ac_try_link' into

On older Solaris, I've fixed a declaration before statement in misc.c.
I'm disappointed that our --enable-developer mode didn't pick this up...

I think I've fixed the host 'trip', which I think has libblkid, but
isn't building on ext2/3.  

We should ignore failures on 'gwalcaimi', as it is testing some shared
library routines.

Stratus VOS is well, VOS (a number of the filenames are too long)...

MacOS is left failing the build due to differences in the BSD readline
code.  Before we fix that, we need to fix the client tests to detect
that a server fails to set a file as sparse, fix the server to fail that
call in pvfs_icotl.c:pvfs_ntioctl(), and skip the creation of a 2^64
byte file. (I've asked one of my contacts at apple for some help on

altcat - ALT Linux Sisyphus i586 also suffers the same flaw.  Perhaps a
reiserfs bug?

On some hosts, the SAMR-USERS test fails to do maximum runtime.  It is a
long test, but 10 mins should be enough.  metze:  can you look and see
if something is spinning?  Perhaps we need to profile that test, and see
where the time is lost.

On Tru64 (SerNet's machine), we need to find a system group like
'wheel'.  So far we try "wheel", "root" and "staff".  Can someone
suggest another similar group?

On AIX, it appears that 'FIXME' is a macro, causing a build failure on
the dcom IDL.  I'm fixing this. 

Any assistance in fixing these, and getting a greener build farm, much

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
Samba Developer, Red Hat Inc.        
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